This Goes With Us

by Emily Brown

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released April 9, 2011

Recorded with Salvador Garcia. December 2009.


all rights reserved



Emily Brown Oakland, California

Emily Brown is a songer and a singwriter who lives rightly in the city of Oakland, California. Performing sometimes in California and erstwhile in Utah her music she sings it and also plays such instruments as the guitar and the piano, growing in her abilities and being exceedingly funny in between the musical numbers while upon the proscenium or stage. ... more


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Track Name: So Many Ways
There are only so many ways
That I can tell you I love you
Without telling you I love you

And I have reached the limit of days
That I can tell you I love you
Without telling you I love you

I give up
I'll be blunt-
You're all I need and you are everything I want
Is this real?
Would you know?
All you gotta do is hold your breath and close your eyes and plug your nose
And take the plunge

There are only so many times
That I can think that I love you
Without blurting out "I love you!"
And I am on the self-drawn line
I do believe that I love you
And I need it, I love you

I give up
I don't care
'Cause when you're here I breathe you in like you're the air
Is this truth?
We'll find out
'Cause I don't think this is what life is all about
Living lost

I give up
I need you
When you're not here, I don't know how to make it through
You're my sun
You're my sky
The funniest thing is that I'm just discovering why
I could die
Track Name: Enemy of Time
Long shadows hit the ground
Pasted down by yellow sun
On trees with leaves turned gold by autumn
A million pinwheels spin at once

Seasons rush and hurry on
Before you know it, fall is gone
Bands break up and friendships die
And I've made an enemy of time

Get out your slickers, the sky is crying
He said "Forever, you're the one."
Leaves are coming up, reviving
Poking up to miss the sun

Skip a line and then move on
Before you look up, April's gone
Love will end and realign
And I've made an enemy of time

And nothing ends at a good time, because
There was never a good time
And I guess that we were apt to die
'Cause you can't change someone else's mind
So I've made an enemy of time
Track Name: Somewhere
I watched you leave me, and you watched me stay
You must believe me in what I must say
That Christmas must end every year
And you always have to leave me standing here
And the sky cannot always be blue
But it helps, I suppose
Knowing when the wind blows
That somewhere the sun shines on you

Train stations are never forgiving
And when you leave, I have to go on living
But sometimes true love is open to fear
And you always have to leave me standing here
And the sky wasn't always this blue
But it helps me, believing,
When grey skies aren't leaving
That somewhere the sun shines on you

And now that I realize how blind were my own eyes
The sky was never this blue
And it helps to consider
When rain is this bitter
That somewhere the sun shines on you
Track Name: Song of an Insomniac
In order to live I had better let go
'Cause I think you're sinking too deep in my heart
Don't ask me why, 'cause I'll say I don't know
I just need a minute to take it apart

And I stayed up 'til two in the morning
Not thinking of you, not thinking of you
And I stayed up 'til three in the morning
Ignoring the truth, ignoring the truth

And I wait for your call, but the phone doesn't ring
So I sit alone with you here in my head
And now I've discovered love's such a strange thing
I feel so alive that I wish I was dead


I never did anything wrong
I never did anything wrong
I never did anything wrong
But this time I did everything wrong

Track Name: Alright
I get so happy when I'm coming home and I know that I'm going to see you
But sometimes I wonder if you get as giddy as I, 'cause I never believe you

And oh, are you really that busy?
That you don't have time for me?
When we walk the streets of the city
There's nowhere else that I want to be
I got stars in the morning
I got sun in the night
And with you, things'll be all right

I can't help smiling when you take my picture and I hope you honestly think of me
'Cause I want to find you somewhere in the future; I'm not going to live on remembering

And oh, I might keep it too quiet
Since I'm holding my heart in my heart
But my dear, I've been meaning to tell you
That I don't want to live if we're living apart
I've got stars in the morning
I've got sun in the night
And with you, things'll be all right

Sometimes I worry that I say too much
And sometimes I think that I just say enough
Sometimes I'm scared that you'll figure me out
And sometimes I think you don't need me around

I've got flowers in winter
I've got snow in the spring
I've got your hand in my hand
And it's making me sing
I've got stars in the morning
I've got sun in the night
And with you, things'll be all right
Track Name: You'd Think
I never guessed
You'd be the one
That would best me in the end and make my heart come undone
And I never thought
I never knew
That you'd throw me headfirst into falling for you

And you'd think
That by now I'd get used to it
That by now I'd get living like
It's all of it good
And you'd think
That by now I'd be over it
That I'd get believing like
This is how the world should be

If you're unaware
Then you'll never know
That my heart breaks over and over again when we're walking through the snow
And I'll cover my eyes
'Cause I don't want to see
Not going to watch you walk away- hey, look at you getting over me

Chorus x2
Track Name: Don't Call Me Sweetheart
Don't call me sweetheart
Don't call me love
Just call me yours, mine
This is enough
And don't whisper "Baby,"
Soft in my ear
I'm nobody's maybe
And the words disappear

Chorus (Na na na na)

Don't say you need me
Don't act like you care
If you'd just believe me
Then we're already there
But make up your mind, boy
Don't fool around
You're just wasting my time, boy
And you're bringing me down


And don't say you're not happy
Don't say I was the only one
Don't say life's lost without me
That's how I feel. So quit making fun.

Track Name: The New York Song
If you have gone to New York City,
When are you coming home?
'Cause walking through the raining street
Oh I feel so alone

If you have gone across the ocean,
When does the boat return?
For I would walk or part the waves
Though they toss and pull and churn

And oh, I never told you
And no, I never will
'Cause singing about it
I'm starting to doubt it
But my heart is beating still

If you have run away from something,
Will you be running back?
For I would wander forty years
To step in all your tracks


And if I never say I love you
Then take this with you there
And if you miss me, think on this-
How I wish I was there.

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